Be updated about the Fidelity bank services with Fidelity login

Be updated about the Fidelity bank services with Fidelity login

For every person, it is quite important to make a proper planning ensuring the security of your future. Making a proper financial planning is quite important to serve the purpose as it not only establishes your future safety rather it is equally important to ensure the security of your present. That’s why choosing the right bank is quite important for everyone as a bank is a financial institution that ensures your financial safety. And if you are looking for the most reliable bank, you should trust no one but Fidelity Bank.

Why Fidelity Bank?

When the question is to select the right bank for you, obviously you would look at the reliability of the bank. The bank offers a wide array of services like commercial lending, treasury management and much more. The bank also offers a lot of personal banking facilities and the most attractive part is that all these can be accessed through their online banking facility. Go to their website and do Fidelity login and you can see the position of your funds and other activities related to your account. Hence, it will be right to say that when your concern is to see the reliability of the bank, you should not think twice to go for the as this bank serves approximately 2.3 million customers almost every year.

Savings account facility of Fidelity Bank

Savings account is the most familiar and trusted medium on which most of the people depend for saving their money. Understanding the requirement of people Fidelity Bank offers an easy to access savings account. Anyone above the age of 18 can open a savings account in the bank and the customer-friendly features are as followed

It is a ‘zero balance’ savings account which means you can open the account without any balance

  • Unlimited number of Cash withdrawal
  • Third party deposition
  • No third party cash withdrawal
  • Issue of various e-bank channels and ATM card
  • Issue of Draft
  • Zero COT
  • Receive Monthly interest depending upon your credit balance

Credit card facility of Fidelity Bank

Either you are doing a shopping or buying an important medicine, a credit card will solve your problem at once if you are running through lack of money. Know the credit card features of the bank

  • The card is available at free of cost
  • No yearly fees
  • Card is reissued for free due to expiration
  • Re-issuance of card costs N2000 due to loss, theft or damage
  • No transaction fees on Web and POS
  • 3 different packages for the maintenance of the card (Classic, Gold, and Platinum)

Get the Fidelity mobile app

With Fidelity Bank, you can enjoy banking anytime and anywhere. Install the Fidelity mobile app to be connected with your bank every time. You will be able to serve any purpose and enjoy the quick services of internet banking through Fidelity login. The app will not only help you to accomplish an easy banking process rather all information will also be in your reach with some few clicks of your finger.

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